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Tips to Beat the Stress out of Moving

By AdminMonday 15 June 2015

Moving is not easy! It is a major life event. Here are some tips to beat the stress of moving and making it a breeze.

  1. Get a checklist

    And divide it in a “to do now” or “to do later” to make the process a lot easier for you.

    Tip: Get free checklists online in places like Pinterest or with 1stopmove your 1stop resource.

  2. Find Great Packing Tips

    Packing tips and more are available at 1stop or online.

    Tip: Marking your boxes with colored tape to help identifying where they go easily! Label boxes with the room they are going to and exactly what is inside them.

  3. Get rid of clutter!

    Moving is a great way to get rid of all clutter and make your life a lot easier so find local shelters or a goodwill next to you and get rid of unwanted items that you don’t need in your new home.

    Tip: Two of the same kitchen appliances? Donate one.

  4. Find local resources in your new area.

    Find local doctors and schools in the area. Get referrals from locals or get advice online from a moving specialist in 1stopmove.

    Tip: Find out your closest pizza delivery place for the day of the move. So you don’t have to cook that day.

  5. Get help!

    If you are working all day and have no time trust your move to a moving concierge or specialist.

    Tip: Getting help will help you to save tons of money and time!

  6. Notify friends and family from your move and call in advance all companies that you have contact with.

    Tip: Start a list of people to contact before and after the move. You may need two lists one for “Family and Friends” and other one for “Service Providers”.