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Moving to a new home in the summer? Create your dream outdoor Oasis

By AdminWednesday 17 June 2015

Can you believe it is summer yet? Such a great season to have fun with the family and unwind a little bit but if you are moving that is a whole different situation and it can be stressful.

But don't worry we can help you create that dream outdoor oasis for your new home so you can relax with family and friends after your move.

-First select the foundation! A good couch it is the anchor that ties all the space together! Play with colors like white beige, earth tones. Never go with prints because it will harder to accessorize. Always pick solids for couch and chairs and accessorize with colors to give the space a nice ambiance.

-Bring your home and your life outdoors by creating little living rooms on porches and patios. Arrange seating as you would in a family room to encourage gathering for good.

-Excite your neutral patio furniture with pops of color using cushions and pillows covered in vibrant outdoor fabric. Use key lime greens and yellows and bright prints to welcome the summer time.

-Get Cookin' you just need a small size grill to make it work. Want a more sophisticated option? Start a new outdoor kitchen to wow your guests and cook more than just burgers!.

-Start a new garden! Did you know that gardening is relaxing and helps you to manage the stress? Plus your guests would love it. If you love everything “organic” then grow some veggies and fruits that will save you money and will add a nice touch to your guest’s meals.

-Build a water fountain! Water sounds are soothing and relaxing and add a nice feng shui touch to any outdoors area. It is as easy as getting a Planter Fountain, it is not expensive and it will add that extra touch to the space.

-Keep an umbrella for very hot days so you can stay in the shade. There are some not very expensive ones in nice neutral colors. A canopy can be great too for bigger outdoor spaces.

-Light it up! Chinese lanterns or tiki torches will create an air of festivity, while tiny fairy lights will lend an air of elegant sophistication. Lights that cast beams down toward the ground create an air of mystery, while wall sconces will lend an air of formality.

-And last but not least, if you love comfort get a hammock that will make a great nap time area during the summer time. We prefer the polyester versions vs the cotton because they are more durable and give you more bung for your buck.

You don’t need to spend a fortune, just give it your personal touch according to your family needs.

Enjoy your move and your new patio we hope we made it easy for you!