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Creating The Perfect Environment for Your Bedroom

By AdminWednesday 24 June 2015

I don't know about you all but I love nothing more than a good night's sleep. Whether I've had a long hard day at the office, have found myself running a million and one errands or want to end a perfect calm day, I get into my pyjamas, slip into bed with a good book and doze off for some wonderful rest. Have a good night's sleep is a wonderful thing but for many of us, it is a goal we rarely achieve.

Whether as the result of cramped sleeping conditions, going to bed too late or having to deal with countless stresses, many of us struggle to get some decent sleep. Unfortunately there is no magic solution and in many cases there are a number of issues that can play a part. Something that you can control however and something that may make a difference to the way you sleep is your bedroom itself.

From sleeping alone in the smallest room of the house to sharing the master suite with your significant other; have you created a comfortable and relaxing environment for your bedroom?

For an ideal sleeping environment, why not keep the following points in mind...


From one too many pairs of shoes to an overflowing wardrobe to extra duvets and pillows; we can easily accumulate a lot of additional items in our bedrooms but as a result find ourselves feeling as though we're sleeping in a storage room.

A bedroom can very quickly get messy so why not control it a little with some carefully placed storage? From boxes that stack up onto each other to space saving devices that can slot straight into your wardrobe to a storage bed for extreme space. There are a number of options available but ultimately the less cluttered your room, the less cluttered your mind.


It is easy to neglect the decor of our bedrooms after-all you're the only one that sees it right? However anything from dated wallpaper to duvets that are over a year old won't quite make for the best environment.

Give your room a refresh and keep the decor clean and bright and always ensure that you have fluffy pillow and snugly duvet on hand.

When it comes to where you sleep, give yourself the best as it will help you along the way to real relaxation.


Whether it is a picture of your children, a few pebbles that you collected while on the beach during a family quilt, there will no doubt be many special things that you hold dear. Why not decorate your room with things that matter to you?

Adding that personal touch will put you at ease and make you feel extremely comfortable.