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Different Fence Varieties to Choose From

By AdminWednesday 24 June 2015

There are many finds of fence styles and materials. It will certainly not be easy to make a choice. Contractors will make numerous suggestions but the ultimate decision comes from you. Hence, it is important to understand the different factors that can influence your selection of an enclosure. One, which seems to be the most important, is the fence's function. Another is the cost of material and labor. A third is style and appearance. And, fourth is the current trend in your locality.

A conservative type of person will likely opt for traditional timber or concrete fences. Conversely, young couples may pick vinyl fencing for their contemporary abode in a plush neighborhood. Wrought iron may be the right choice for those who prefer ornate and hard-wearing structures. The steel bars are twisted and fashioned into cool designs that accent the front façade of your homes. This type of fence looks formidable although it needs constant maintenance like repainting every three years. However, wrought iron may not be the fence for old school homeowners.

There are other fences that may not be as popular as wood, vinyl, iron, and concrete. Yet, all these deserve your scrutiny. The principle of electric fencing is quite simple and easy to understand. It prevents dogs from fleeing a yard without physical barriers. There are different types and models to choose from. When the dog goes near the area where the concealed wire is located, it will receive a mild correction. The important collar is responsible for preventing your pet from crossing the invisible line.

Bamboo fences are also unique and gradually becoming a favorite in the market. It is a natural product which is also friendly to the environment. For green enthusiasts, you can choose between live, rolled or cane varieties of bamboo. The rolled and cane types can be fastened together for more durability compared to the live plant. This kind of fencing is not suitable for countries with extremely cold weather.

Farm fencing is another novelty. Nonetheless, it is not applicable to all homes or locations. Besides, construction takes time and is considerably expensive because you need many laborers to work on it. Finally, blocks and bricks are considered the strongest fencing materials. However, these materials call for specialized labor and craftsmanship in terms of installation. At first, everything seems easy. The materials are economical. However, it is difficult to put the stones or bricks together.