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Landscaping For Dummies - Yes, You Can Do It, Too!

By AdminSaturday 12 September 2015

If you have no idea what a xeriscape or a classic rosebud is, or if you want to get a nice, enjoyable view out of the window but wonder what trimming scissors are, then landscaping for dummies is for you. If you consider yourself a dummy when it comes to plants, then this article is for you!

The Basics of Landscaping

Some basic concepts when you want to start a landscaping project. First of all, there are a few simple ideas you can do to improve your yard. Secondly, what type of landscape are you looking for? What's the average rain and temperature during winter and summer? How much time can you devote to maintenance? What type of plants grow in your area?

All these questions are crucial when it comes to plan your landscaping project, since humidity, temperature and local plants are very important factors for a successful yard, since not every plant will grow in your area and weather no matter how much you take care of it.

So, now that you are ready to do it, where can you get the 411 on landscaping? The most popular resource is the Internet. There are plenty of sites that have tips and information on plants and design.

The website I'd suggest to get started is the local site of the Extension Agency. The Extension Agency is devoted to provide information on growing any sort of plant, tree or shrub, and it's useful for home hobbyists, farmers and gardeners. So, no matter what sort of plant you want to grow, there you can find the info you need.You can also ask your neighbors about how they do their garden. They will surely give you plenty of ideas and secrets, and lot of support in your projects. You can even recruit some helping neighbors to give you a hand.

Another source of information is your local home improvement store, where you will be informed about tools you need to get started in your landscaping project. However, be careful about buying your plants there, since most of them are sold all over the country, and, therefore, they might not be suitable for your area.

The most suitable place to find both great information and the best plants are the local, small nurseries or greenhouses, where you can talk to the owners, who are passionate about landscaping and plants.

In small local nurseries you'll find the best landscaping information for dummies to make your landscaping project a great success!