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After Your Move Create a "New Home Wish List" that Matters!

By AdminThursday 23 July 2015

Moving is a pain no matter how you look at it. We all wish that moving could be like closing your eyes and magically appearing in the new place with all in the right place….but unfortunately it is not!

There are so many resources out there and even Moving Checklists. But all the furniture and stuff from your old place may not work in your new one so you may have to get rid of old things and buy new ones.

But buying new furniture and new things for the new home is not easy on a shoestring budget that is why we recommend to throw a “House Warming Party” and create a Wish List of new items that you may need in your new home.

You don't need much for a party even if your home is not perfect yet you can still plan it. This summer should be easy to plan a Party in the Patio. check some awesome ideas here.


There are hundreds of services out there that offer Wish Lists but we have partnered with “Get My Wish” as they give you access to a FREE profile where you can add GIFTS from their partners who give back to many charities! How awesome is that? I think it is totally worth to try.

You can create a easy profile and share it with all your friends and family. So if they buy a gift for you they will be helping out to a CAUSE that matters.

This service is good for many things because you can add gifts that give back for any special occasion through the year. They also give you an option to SUPPORT A CAUSE so if you don’t need a gift people can just donate to the cause you support.

All profiles have your information about what you CARE the most so other people can follow them and create a community around that. You can pick between a private or public profile, is all up to you!

We LOVE this service and we hope you can use it. We will be creating a “1Stopmove Business” profile in their site so you can follow us and see what we care about too and our Corporate Responsibility programs in the next couple of days.

Try them now www.getmywish.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/getmywish
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi8H8qopciGorASK5wQ8QHQ