Frequently Asked Questions

Why shouldn't I just use the post office to change my address?

There are several reasons for this:

  • The post office only forwards mail: They will not notify any entities that repeatedly send you mail such as financial services, magazines, insurance, frequent flier programs, utilities, etc.
  • The post office does not forward 3rd class mail such as catalogs and magazines: They only forward first class mail such as regular letters - catalogs and magazines are left behind. Using our service (in Step 3) you can have us notify 3rd class mailers for you, quickly and automatically.
  • The post office forwarding is only temporary: After a certain period of time they will stop forwarding and much of your mail is "stuck" at its old address unless you notify the senders directly.
  • The post office doesn't notify everyone: Unless you notify the entities that send you mail directly (something the post office does not do for most organizations except certain catalogs and magazines), you will have to eventually notify them yourself (our service does this as an option for you).
  • The post office will not forward mail from a business to residence: However, in Step 3 of our process you can notify organizations directly and they will typically change an address from a business to a residential address immediately.
  • Post office forwarding is slow to start processing: As they are a government agency, the post office will usually take 5-7 working days to start processing the forwarding of your mail. However, if you also use Step 3 of our process (direct notification of organizations), the (direct notification) address changes typically occur immediately.
  • Post office forwarding does not save you time: By contrast, the average mover will save about 10 hours of time in making phone calls and writing mail by using our direct notification (in Step 3 of the process). Many of our customers have learned to simply forgo post office mail forwarding altogether, then simply use our service in Step 3 to notify the entities that send mail directly.

How simple is the process?

1StopMove.com will immediately and automatically process your address change request with companies you select. Simply fill out the easy on-line form and you are done. A confirmation email will be sent to you immediately regarding your change of address information. That's it! Your address change begins immediately!

What is your Connect and Disconnect Service about?

You now have a simple way to pick and choose among many different products and services to set up service/delivery to your new home, or to cancel service/delivery from your old home. Make your choice from an extensive list of telephone services, ISP's, cable services, cellular services, newspapers, magazines, gas ; electric services, and many other categories. Watch for special offers from our partners to create big savings for you when you choose a partner's product or service.

How reliable is your service?

1StopMove.com is dedicated to providing you with exemplary customer service. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please notify us at so that we can assist you.

I have already completed my order - when can I expect my notifications to be sent out?

If your move date is 48 hours or more in the future from order placement, your notifications will be sent 72 hours before your move date. Otherwise your notifications will be sent out within 24 hours of placing your order. Expedited orders are sent out with high priority status. We use this time schedule because 1) it is the most effective in timing mail records changes with the organizations and 2) you are given ample time to make any changes or corrections to your order. If you wish for the notifications to go out sooner, be sure to modify your move date accordingly then re-confirm your order. 

I have already completed my order - how can I be sure the organizations I chose have been notified?

Once your notifications have been sent out, you can logon at www.1StopMove.com with your user name and password then check the status of each notification. If the status says "completed" then you can be sure the organization has been notified successfully. Bear in mind that our service is solely a facilitation service - even though we have notified your organizations, we cannot guarantee that a particular organization you wish to notify has actually changed your address. After a period of time if you notice you are not receiving mail from a certain organization to your new address, you may wish to check your address change with them directly. In general, we see a greater than 98% success rate in change-of-address completion when a notification is sent out to an organization successfully.

I am concerned about Internet security. How can I be sure that your site is secure?

We take every precaution possible to ensure security with our service. Our security measures include:

  • All data is placed on a secure server. Data is encrypted using highest security standards.

  • Only bonded employees will have access to your order information.

What is included with your services?

The Basic Package includes:

  • 100 automated, rapid, and secure notifications of your choice.

  • Easy, categorized navigation to find the organizations of your choice to notify.

  • Free Connect and Disconnect services.

We provide:

  • Fully automatic address change notification from a list of thousands of organizations, all in less than 15 minutes

  • Expedite service option

  • Junk Mail/Telemarketing Call Removal option

  • Comprehensive customer service

  • Many special offers to save time and money for your move!