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Thank you for choosing 1StopMove. We strive to provide you the best moving experience possible with our exclusive membership benefits once you register.A Below are the key benefits to registering with our membership, all of which is FREE OF CHARGE.

Immediately Notify Organizations of your Move, Free of Charge:

  • Fitness Clubs
  • Insurance
  • Frequent Flyer Programs
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Professional Services
  • Domestic Services

Substantial Savings on Mover-Related Services such as

  • Cable/Satellite Offers
  • Home Security
  • Moving Trucks and Vans
  • Moving White Glove Services
  • Public Storage
  • Food Delivery
  • Junk Removal Services
  • Exclusive Access to a Real Estate Professional
  • Special Discounts for Local Services at your New Home
  • Same Day Phone Support (9am-6pm PT)
  • Automatic, No-Obligation Registration with Privacy Guard, the Nations leading ID Theft Deterrent Program
  • Automatic, No-Obligation Registration with Home Owners Network, the Nations leading Home Warranty Service Program
  • Exclusive Use of Our Concierge to Make Your Move as Smooth and Stress-Free as Possible
  • Time Savings: No need to Re-Register when you Move Again All of your Previous Information Travels With You, Again.
  • Money Savings: All of Our Basic Services are Free. Others will Charge You but 1StopMoves partnership structure removes our need to charge.

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