TV Without Limits

AT&T U-verse is delivered through an advanced fiber-optic network that provides exciting interactive features when combined with other U-verse services.

  • Take your DVR with you and keep your recorded content when you move locally.
  • Get the upfront equipment fee waived on a new U-verse Wireless Receiver so you can put your TV where you want, not where the cable outlet is.

Tailored for you

Whether you’re a movie buff or a sports fanatic, or want to watch on the big screen or mobile screen, U-verse has a TV package that’s right for you.

Total Home
Stream shows virtually anywhere

What is AT&T U-verse?

A TV service delivered via an advanced fiber-optic network, which allows increased interactivity and features when combined with other AT&T services.


  • Total Home DVR®
  • Bundle discounts
  • Price guarantees
  • Record 4 shows at once
  • 234 HD channels

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