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Moving Tips

1. Why is relocation a synonym for stress?

Research has proven that people experience relocation as one of the most stressful events in their life, as stressful as the loss of a loved one, a wedding or a change of job. However, it doesn't have to be so. If relocation is planned properly and systematically, it can go smoothly and stress-free. Take a deep breath, start planning and there will be no need for stress when you have everything under control.

2. Start planning relocation in advance

Relocation is a huge project. It takes a lot of time and activities to move your entire life, everything accumulated in previous years, maybe decades, from point A to point B. This is why it is crucial to start planning (and executing) activities in advance. If you don't give yourself enough time, you will have to rush and this can lead to forgetting some important things that have to be done – and this can lead to very negative consequences. Give yourself time; it has been proven that one needs at least one month before the actual relocation day to plan everything properly.

3. Making a list of activities to be done

In order to be organized, one has to plan activities that need to be performed to complete the task. In order to do so, to cover each and every step, the best start (before getting into action) is writing down everything on a piece of paper. Write down each and every step of relocation, every individual activity that has to be done.

4. Inform important people/institutions about your new address

One of the important steps in relocation is informing important people in your life about your relocation. This means your employer, your children's school/kindergarten, postal office, newspaper delivery, utility companies, etc. All of them need information about your new address so they can contact you as necessary.

5. Choose a method of relocation – Do it yourself or hire a professional

This is one part of the planning process as well as an executive activity. It is important to take in consideration the "volume" of your relocation (i.e. do you have little or much things and furniture; are you moving within a short distance or far away) and to make a choice whether you can relocate on your own, with the help from family and friends and just rent a van or truck to transport your things, or if it is a better and safer option to hire professionals to do relocation for yourself.

6. Agreeing on details of relocation with an agency

If you choose to relocate with the help from professionals, you need to agree on every single detail with the agency and you have to do it in advance. Once again, acting in advance is of the essence – agencies are very busy during the summer and probably don't work during holidays. And in order to give you a quote for their services they will need all the details: how many things you have, how far away you are relocating, if it is a "busy time" when they are most hired (as mentioned, during summer), etc.

7. Getting packing material and packing

Go and get boxes and packing material (bubble wrap, foil, duct tape, etc.) and start packing. Keep in mind that boxes shouldn't weigh more than 50 lbs. each and that you should label every one of them so that workers know where to put them in your new home (the appropriate room). This will make unpacking easier and more convenient.

8. Get rid of things you don't need in your new home

Packing because of relocation is the best moment to get rid of things you don't need. These are things that don't have emotional value and that you don't use any more. Sell them or give them away and save space and money in your relocation.

9. Unpacking in your new home

Don't unpack incidentals right away. First unpack things you need the most: bed and bedding for you and your children, basic cutlery in the kitchen, etc. Labels on boxes will help you to get to these necessities easily. Don't insist on unpacking everything right away – it is not possible, unless you have relocated only one suitcase of clothes. Go to bed soon so that you can rest well for the next day.

10. Celebrate – you have relocated successfully and stress-free!

Throw a party for family, friends and colleagues to celebrate your successful relocation and start of a new stage in your life.

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