Door-to-Door - Affordable, Convenient & Secure Storage Solutions

A 1stopmove.com partner, Door-to-Door believes storage should be more than just a place to keep your stuff -- storage needs to be affordable, convenient and secure.

  • Save $30 on your first month's rent.*
  • Storage consultants will help you estimate your storage needs.

The Door-to-Door advantage

With rates as low as $50 per container per month, Door-to-Door is one of the most affordable storage solutions around. They conveniently bring storage containers to your door and you have up to seven days to load at your own pace. Once the containers are loaded, you lock them and they store them indoors at their 24/7 secure warehouse.


Who is Door to Door?

In 1996, Door to Door revolutionized the self-storage industry by introducing portable, containerized storage in Seattle, Washington. The idea caught on quickly on the West Coast, and today Door to Door serves numerous metropolitan areas across the nation.


  • 150 destinations
  • Low monthly rates
  • Full seven days to load your containers
  • 24/7 secure warehouse
  • Excellent support staff

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